About Wood Badge

What is Wood Badge? Wood Badge is the premier adult leadership training program for the Boy Scouts of America.  Wood Badge provides its participants with contemporary leadership and team development skills in classroom and outdoor settings.

Why go to Wood Badge? Every youth deserves a trained leader.  Being Wood Badge trained, you will be better prepared to serve your Scouts and better prepared in general to deal with life and work-related challenges.

Wood Badge Skills / Requirements: Wood Badge will teach you several skills and leadership techniques in a living, hands-on environment. You will be able to apply all you learn to your Scouting and personal activities.  Scoutmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters, Varsity Coaches and Assistant Varsity Coaches must complete Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills before attending Wood Badge. Outdoor Leader training is recommended (not required) for all others. Cub and Venturing leaders and all other Scouters should have completed leader specific training.  You’ll develop a Ticket, which is a written agreement outlining how you will apply your newly learned skills as you continue your involvement in Scouting. Development of your Ticket is an exercise in goal-setting, including creating a personal vision and mission statement and outlining individual steps for personal success.

Advance Preparation: Prior to your arrival at the Wood Badge training site, you will receive a packet containing details that will help you prepare for the Course.

Course Content: The Wood Badge curriculum is designed to help you learn and develop leadership skills. Formal presentations, group projects, team exercises and outdoor activities are just a few of the teaching techniques that are used in Wood Badge.

How much time will Wood Badge take? Wood Badge is conducted over two, three-day weekends. Each weekend begins early Friday at 7:30 AM and runs through Sunday at 5 PM.  It is important that you attend each entire day of the Course. Your patrol will have one (or two) meetings scheduled, at your convenience, between the weekend sessions.

Dress Requirements: The daily dress for both weekends is the full field uniform (a.k.a. “Class A”) of your current Scouting position.

Who is sponsoring this course and where? The 2012 course, S5-549-12 is a joint effort of the Blue Ridge and Palmetto Councils of South Carolina and will be held at Camp Bob Hardin in Saluda, NC – one of the Palmetto Council’s camps.