Past Course Directors

To be selected to serve as the Course Director and Scoutmaster of a Wood Badge Scoutmaster_patchcourse is a great honor.  Past Course Directors consistently share that the servant leadership opportunity of directing a Wood Badge course is a great privilege and a highlight of their Scouting experience.  Palmetto and Blue Ridge Councils have benefited from a long history of great Scouters who have served our Councils as Wood Badge Scoutmaster:

  • 2017   Robbie Hill, Blue Ridge S5-551-17
  • 2016   Glenn Stoner, Palmetto  S5-549-16
  • 2015   Russell Cann, Blue Ridge  S5-551-15
  • 2014   Bob Ormseth, Palmetto  S5-549-14
  • 2013   Bill Mulligan, Blue Ridge  S5-551-13
  • 2012   Scott Hubbard, Palmetto  S5-549-12
  • 2011   Melissa Ellison, Blue Ridge S5-551-11
  • 2010   Wayne Bouldin, Palmetto  SR-1019
  • 2009   Michael Thompson, Blue Ridge  SR-992
  • 2007   Chip Maley, Palmetto  SR-820
  • 2006   Radaka Williams, Blue Ridge  SR-730
  • 2005   Sonny Eppes, Blue Ridge  SR-658
  • 2003   Ed Farrell, Palmetto  SR-511
  •            Russell Smart, Blue Ridge
  •            Fred Hyslop, Blue Ridge
  •            Richard Medlock, Blue Ridge
  •  1996   John DeWerth, Palmetto  SR-182

Note to readers: If you have corrections or additional information on past Course Directors, Council, Course Year, or Course Number–please post in the comment section below so that we can update this page as information is shared.  Thanks.

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